Our ECO TRAYS have been specifically designed to limit environmental damage resulting from concrete washout spillage from both concrete pumps and mixer wagons. Its low-profile design allows the watertight tray to be easily placed under the concrete pump’s hopper to collect excess concrete waste and water during washout. They are also a great tool in minimising unnecessary spillages during concrete pours i.e. on roadways, city streets or in environmentally sensitive areas.

Benefits of Using ECO TRAYS:

The ECO TRAY can be easily moved around the construction site by the built-in forklift channels or by the crane lifting eyes

  • Its unique tapered sides mean that the hardened concrete will drop freely out of the tray to be then recycled
  • Their durable steel construction securely pools all contents safely, in order to minimise all potential hazards
  • As the tray can be placed directly under the concrete pump’s hopper, it is a much safer alternative for the operator to wash the machine out compared to washing out over open pits

1.4 cbm capacity

Weight of: Safe working weight

**Please Note: The washout trays need to be emptied by the contractor prior to collection**


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