Our SPB30 placing boom will allow you to place concrete fast and accurately where even a mobile truck mounted pump can’t reach. That’s because they can be connected directly to one of our stationary or other pumps which could be kilometres away or many floors below.
These booms are the lightest in the industry. Used in combination with octagonal boom columns, the use of counterweights is no longer necessary so that our separate placing booms can be put up much closer to cranes, walls and formwork than others.
To improve the utilization of your tower crane our placing booms come standard with the self-climbing option that connects hydraulic jacking cylinders to pre-welded climbing rails on each mast. Using existing floors for support, the boom and mast are raised through floor openings and secured by a pin and wedges and a lightweight four-part floor frame that is easy to assemble. Unlike some systems that require that the boom be raised a full floor, the Schwing system provides for 19” incremental repositioning. Another beneficial feature with the octagonal mast system is that the pipeline can now pass through the same opening in the floor together with the boom. You can see all these features by clicking on the link below:


Download the machine’s boom chart and support configuration below